Feedback request: What do you want to see in a book about non-monogamy and players?

Between this post and today, I finished the book. It’s free. I also wrote a novel, THE GOOD GIRL. Both will accelerate your learning. 

Feedback request: What do you want to see in a book about non-monogamy and players?

I have been talking with some of you in email and on Twitter about putting a (free) one together, based on some of the posts I’ve been writing. It’s my comparative advantage over other guys writing about the game. Other guys have better cold approach skills (and writing about how to develop them), better night-game skills, elaborate systems for online dating, long memoirs recounting their exploits, etc. In the sidebar I link to many of those guys and recommend you read them.

The only place that I feel I’m ahead of almost anyone else is regarding non-monogamy, especially as a retention tool, and group sex. That’s my comparative advantage and even after writing about non-monogamy for a year or more I have not seen (m)any other players writing about this.

It’s completely reasonable that some players will not be interested in this and will stick to threesomes, etc. But I think there are guys for whom non-monogamy is not on their radar when it should be, in particular as a retention tool. That is why I’m surprised more guys haven’t tried it, particularly with young hot novelty-seeking girls or girls who ask, “Where is this going?”

Leave your comments about what else you’d like to see.

Some of the pieces I have already written are listed.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

7 thoughts on “Feedback request: What do you want to see in a book about non-monogamy and players?”

  1. Hey man… good for you.

    I would urge you not to worry about being “first” or “best.” I agree this is a perfect topic for you to cover. But even if you were 100th, you can being some fresh/unique POV to this topic. You’re a great writer and a smart guy.

    As for FEEDBACK: I would be interested in jealousy. I’d like to hear not only “it can be avoided,” but some EXAMPLES of how it has come up, show both sides, and then your best practices, some case studies of how you’ve managed that in YOURSELF and the GIRLS.

    This ^ would apply to so many relationships… even monogamous ones. Very practical. I’d like to read your thoughts on it.

    Go Red Quest.


    1. I don’t worry too much about being first or best, but I also know that I’m unlikely to offer the kinds of highly anatomized how-tos that Krauser or Tom Torero do. There is some very good step-by-step daygame material that I can’t match and am not really trying to match. My game is more “basic,” for lack of a better word. I’ve also figured out some methods and ways of living that reduce the total time I spend approaching.

      Jealousy… I don’t think it can be avoided. It’s like pain in the gym. You’re going to feel it sometimes. Most guys, including me, don’t like to see other guys railing their chick, even if the guy and chick are dating casually. In my view, it comes up almost every time a guy is in a situation when another guy is going to nail his chick.

      I started a comment, switched to a text editor, now have like 1,000 words and am still going. Will post when it’s done. Short version:

      1. Jealousy is an emotional response that can’t be fully overcome. It can be rationalized with the intellect, but that is imperfect.

      2. I deal with it by focusing on the other chick.

      3. Jealousy can be better overcome when you (the man) and your date agree to only bang other chicks together, or to only do a couple-to-couple swap. You don’t want her entering a threeway with another couple on her own volition.

      4. It goes away over time. The first time a guy brings a date to his party, jealousy may be overwhelming. But as one becomes acclimated, it decreases.

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      1. As a former swinger (with my now ex-partner of several years), I concur with your four points.

        Unfortunately I’m too old now to be getting much action at sex clubs, and there are none in the country I currently live in. But I’ll be looking out for your article/book on this. I follow the Blackdragon system, mostly, and with some success. Swinging helped me to overcome most of my jealousy issues, and now I don’t mate guard at all, which saves a lot of energy.


  2. Hey man, although I enjoy reading about your experiences and insights you provide, I am very much interested in knowing more about your Zero Sugar discipline and you have become an above average man in your physical health. All other PUA guys don’t talk about this and you’re the only one who seems to master this area and have good experience in this. I would like to know your approach/guidelines/work plan on going from below average to above average physically. Many thanks!


    1. The best book is The Case Against Sugar by Gary Taubes.

      For learning how to cook, I don’t have one piece of advice, but Google can help there. It’s a long-term project.

      For lifting, I like Starting Strength or Strong Lifts 5×5.×5.

      Yoga is more individual and depends on the kind and quality of studios around you.

      With all of these things, by far the hardest part is the implementation, not the learning. Society is set up against you here.


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