“Recurring Revenue, Sex, and Notes on Four Girls”

Recurring Revenue, Sex, and Notes on Four Girls” is the most recent Nash post; in my own life, I don’t think of it as “recurring revenue” (although I understand the idea and it has much validity): instead, I think of it as “what I tend to do.” If I like the girl the first time, I usually want to keep her around. It  seems that I’m somewhat less driven by pure novelty than some guys in the game, or by the desire to overcome the chick’s obstacles, like solving a puzzle:

But my point here is that I like the hunt, I like the conquest, I’m interested in my n-count… but I also like the sex itself. Not just “novel” sex, but the overall volume and opportunity for sex in my life beyond the conquest.

I’m not all that into the hunt… I’m more into the eating, to extend the metaphor some: I’m happy to skip the hunt and go straight to the meal. That may also be why my cold approach skills are not very good, since I do enough to find an acceptable chick or chicks, then stop… I’m probably just getting “yes girls,” and the high maybe girls, rather than getting the girls who are barely within reach through superior game. The guys who are really good love the hunt for its own sake, like an artist loves his art for its own sake.

“Skipping the hunt,” of course, is not possible most of the time. There’s almost always a hunt of some kind. In human mating, women are the choosers.

I’m not talking about commitment (not at all). I’m not even suggesting making these girls “girlfriends” (I haven’t had a girlfriend in years).

I’m willing to do this, actually, but on my own weird terms, which some chicks will reject. Or accept them in theory, but not in practice.

For me, one common pattern has been: I’m with the chick -> she demands a relationship and/or moving in -> I refuse -> she ends it, or I say we have incompatible goals -> she looks for someone else, often while still sleeping with me -> she finds someone -> dates him for a while -> breakup -> back to me for a while.

(Based on her recent silence, I think Bike Girl has found someone else.)

I also have a couple of long-term partners or lovers from the non-monogamy world, who I see more frequently or less frequently depending on their situation and my situation. One of them I like a lot for sex, but I’m thinking about ending it with her because she’s too unstable in some ways. She hates her job yet can’t seem to get out of it. She’s on a bunch of  prescription drugs, including one that’s supposed to be a short-term drug, but she’s been on it for years (I don’t know what the fuck is the matter with her doctor).

But, on the other hand, she’s bisexual and a very reliable threesome partner. If she says she’s going to be somewhere, she goes there. We’ve had numerous threesomes and foursomes together because she’s so sexually uninhibited.

She raised the stakes by saying we should take a boat ride across the bay. This request seriously complicates the date (women = chaos). The boat ride was a bit of a pain in the ass, but she has asked me to do this before, and I thought I’d get it done this time.

This chick, the one I’m thinking about cutting off, is not chaotic, and that is very attractive to me because most women are. Most live in the land of “maybe.” But the drugs and her general life problems are not attractive. For such a pretty girl, her social skills are oddly poor.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

3 thoughts on ““Recurring Revenue, Sex, and Notes on Four Girls””

  1. >> I think of it as “what I tend to do.”

    Yeah. I think “repeat to infinity” is closer to the default option, for most guys. Get anything you can, and hold onto it for dear life.

    You and I are not in that category… as we have at least some choice, and we have access to more women than most guys.

    So… that post is returning to the idea of “ongoing,” but for guys that aren’t in the full-on chump phase… or for guys that want to leave that phase, so they can keep an eye on this kind of potential as they grow. I wrote it to show some contrast to the “notch hunt only” POV.

    >> I’m not all that into the hunt… I’m more into the eating

    Super valid ^. And I LOVE the hunt, but I like this about you.

    >> (Based on her recent silence, I think Bike Girl has found someone else.)

    Because I think you enjoyed her company… I am sorry she has gone quiet on you. On the other hand, I CELEBRATE the run you had with her… I know she was an interesting chapter… and interesting/rewarding train that passed through your station.

    >> But, on the other hand, she’s bisexual

    This makes me smile. I can see how that ^ would be hard to cut off. Good for you, man. You have a access to side of sex most men (myself included) cannot even imagine.

    Go Red Quest.


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