Peaches, Stephanie, Ms. Slav updates and thoughts

Not much to report. Have seen Stephanie (1) again and I think she is turning into a reliable once-a-week girl. Easy lay, good in bed. Says she has a cold or flu so she may be out for this weekend. Also has gone to the gym with me once and shows interest in black iron, compound lifts, and I like that. Very strong sexual chemistry. She’s a loud, involved lover. Extremely satisfying. She is very girl, very feminine, in ways I like and appreciate. We spent some time talking shit about social media.

Have seen Peaches (2) again. Also very satisfying sex. She seems not to understand how hot she is, and she told me some unusual background material about her and her teenage life on the Internet. She is a bit too much of a follower, and that has harmed her economic life. I can’t imagine she is going to stay married, but I think she only wants upheaval in one part of her life right now. I told her about Ms. Slav and Stephanie. We may go to a party together in the next few weeks.

Peaches also says she wants to have a family. This perked my ears. I’ve been thinking about that comment since she dropped it. That would be an intersting line to pursue. Very unlikely that I will pursue it, given the myriad of problems with this line, but we seem to be more aligned in many ways than most girls. She is also in the right age range for me. Younger is great for fun, but girls under the age of 27 or 28 will not work with me for any kind of longer relationship, more substantial relationship.

Peaches entered the non-monogamous world relatively recently and may be getting her total f**k fest phase out of her system. If/when she does… it is not inconceivable to imagine going further with her, based on what I know now. “Not inconceivable” is a low bar.

Speaking of, Roy Walker said something intersting

Towards the end of the year the apathy was starting to set it. It had been a long one and I went through a lot of girls. As was probably apparent in my posts, I was getting fed up. I would frequently think about two things;

What is the point of all this?
What is my endgame?

The point is obviously to meet and have sex with new girls as we are apparently biologically programmed to do as males. I really enjoy meeting new girls on the street and dating them, the chase, it’s great fun. But then you bang them and then what?

In my earlier days I would bask in the glory of a new notch for almost a week. Now that glorious feeling lasts around 5 minutes. I wrote a drunken tweet [4] about feeling empty inside after a recent notch.

Sound familiar? Sure does to me. “Player disease” you might call it. He says he is in his early 30s, so a bit young for those feelings, but they are not unheard of among guys who’ve been in the game a couple years. Some of us, we’re a bit like Tolkien’s Elves, still living in Middle-earth but thinking about going West.

Before I become too insufferably melancholy, Ms. Slav (3) is back and heard about Stephanie and me, and she was or is unhappy about that. Not unhappy enough not to f**k me, fortunately. She still seems not to get reciprocity? I talked to Peaches about this dilemma / behavior. The talk with Ms. Slav led to another long talk about principles, but I am not sure Ms. Slav completely absorbed it. She may also be intuiting or feeling my own uncertainty about her. I like her… but our age disparity is too great… and she is too sexually active even for me. If had run into her ten years ago, even five, I might have gone for it. Not today.

No great stories about heroic pickup, just a continuation of previous threads.

It is so interesting talking to people—really talking to them—and they are so different in private than they are on social media. The more I talk to people, deeply, the more I think social media is garbage. The gap between the internal self and the external self is too wide for it to be interesting. All three of the women listed in the title, their true lives are very different from their social media lives. All three of them are much more minimally involved with social media than typical 18 – 30 year old women, but even then the gap is large. Stephanie has a job that involves some social media use. I seem to get along better with girls who are not social-media addicts.

Another random thought, I have read a bunch of game or RP guys saying that cooking and eating good food is for chicks and they just open up some cans and eat over the sink. Maybe I am just hungrier, but I make food most days and am diligent about what I eat. I suppose it’s possible to maintain reasonable nutrition with tuna, olives, nuts, etc., but I like variety too much to do that.

If you did not read read this post, please go read it.


Peaches for days [LR]

Met Peaches yesterday afternoon (story and background on her at the link, and read the comments there), one on one for tea, where I showed her my clean STI test results (she knew immediately why), and then back to my place. Very long, very intense foreplay session, complete with a paddle, blindfold, nipple clamps, and an eventual butt plug, as she’d mentioned an interest in double penetration but had never used a butt plug during sex. Now she has.

And it was great. The kind of sex everyone craves and we sometimes don’t get. It’s smart to wrap it up. But it’s so much better bare. We hit a lot of positions, with me directing the show the whole time and her loving it.

I think most guys would rate Ms. Slav as being hotter. She is at the very least 10 years younger. Yet with Peaches, it was just intense. Extremely intense. We may just have a subconscious, sub-linguistic compatibility that Ms. Slav, for all her virtues, does not have with me.

After, I was exhausted and took a brief nap with her in my arms. Then Peaches opened up more about her husband and what a good man he is. This wasn’t fun to hear about, but I’ve had so many of those, “Oh, this is the side of women that women don’t emphasize” talks that they don’t elicit an emotional response from me anymore. They are just part of the game. The gap between the private narrative and public one is so wide. I think that’s why I like game blogs and have for a long time. I resisted starting one because I wasn’t sure I had enough material and because I knew that, if I started writing it, it would consume too much of my life. I was right on that second point.

With Peaches, I still can’t figure out why she married her husband. She might not be able to figure it out, either. Or it might be that chicks are random, a theme I discuss often. In this post, among many others. But I wasn’t highly analytical yesterday after sex. I also don’t care very much about what led Peaches into her baffling marriage. I am 85% certain she is going to divorce, sooner or later.

That is what people call afternoon delight.

So delightful that I was still tired when I woke up this morning. I feel like I’ve not been on my best game at work. Sometimes after f**king, my mind is so crystal clear that I get everything done and throw off a ton of new ideas. Sometimes I’m still in that half-dream state and need to pull myself into the now. But I want to write this log entry before the feeling fades. This one is so memorable. It’s strange, what is memorable and what fades into the background.

When Peaches left she looked at me and said, “I needed that.” Probably my second-favorite thing to hear from a woman, right after, “Come inside me.”