Krauser on Blackdragon

The post is quite funny, so go read it. I would guess that it’s about 30 – 50% true, 20 – 30% untrue, and 20 – 40% indicative of the mind, psychology, and beliefs of the writer, rather than telling us much about the person being written about… you might apply the same tripartite structure to my own writing.

  • To my eye, Blackdragon looks okay, maybe fine, in the pictures, though it’s hard to say how the pics would translate to real life. Anyone who has done some amount of photography knows pics can be deceiving. Could have good presence in real life that doesn’t come through.
  • Anyone I know who might be an “alpha male” never calls himself an “alpha male.”  If I ever call myself an “alpha male,” except in jest, please quit reading.
  • I missed that BD said a 37-year-old woman is “what most men would consider a 9 or 10 unless you don’t like blonde white women.” Few women are a 9 past age 25 or 26, let alone 30. Most 8s have dropped to 7 by 30. That is fine and, for long-term relationships, there is far more to be said for a chick than her absolute hotness level, but I don’t get the point of pretending a chick is something she’s not. I don’t see a lot of real-world 8s, period (obesity epidemic drags most chicks down), and fewer 9s. Lots of 7s, especially among chicks in their 20s, but not a huge number of true 8s. He says somewhere else that he likes older chicks, for some weird reason related to his life development. That’s fine but let’s not pretend older chicks are hotter. None of this is even controversial. Everyone has moments of suspect judgment, but there are also assertions that make an intelligent listener question everything else a speaker claims.
  • I also laughed at the Krauser post because some of the values expressed in the post  conflict with some of the values expressed elsewhere in his corpus.
  • But, despite caveats, I do think Blackdragon has at times a more realistic perspective on long-term relationships than many people. Almost no pickup guys talk about relationships (maybe they aren’t interested, maybe they lack underlying substance, maybe something else is going on). I don’t think I’ve read Krauser’s views on this subject… they might be out there, somewhere. He doesn’t seem tuned to, or to care about, long-term relationships. The game/pickup artist skillset and the long-term relationship skillset overlap, but there is a lot of non-overlap. It seems to me that doing pure pickup is exhausting, time consuming, and often impractical.
  • I doubt almost anyone, let alone BD, can make enough money in books, seminars, etc. to make the attempt worthwhile. I’m skeptical of the “make money online!” guys. None of them ever seems to post audited financial statements or tax returns… I wonder why. BD is one of those guys and it makes him come off as scummy or a scammer, and someone who doesn’t have the supposed business success he claims to have. There’s no real evidence of his business success or acumen, that I’ve seen. If it’s out there please let me know. Online, anyone can claim to be anyone.
  • It’s weird and incongruent for Krauser to be interested in truthfulness and reality while at the same time admiring one of the greatest grifters in U.S. history.
  • (I added this after the initial post):  Krauser links to an amazing video BD posted, apparently with… pride? Somehow? I mean, if he wants to be with an older woman, fine, the top women for long-term relationships may differ from the top women for sex, but… look at and listen to the guy, and make up your own mind. He posts this video as an apparent brag. It’s not something I’d be bragging about, personally.

So, BD married a 31-year-old woman, who had a half-black kid, when BD was 25. A funny (? sad might be a better word…) story: years ago, around the time I transitioning out of seeing the girl I call Libido Girl and around the time I started seeing #2, I met this chick online, late 20s, who already had a kid but was wise enough not to emphasize it online. Although her profile talked about needing commitment, etc., she was a pretty straightforward lay.

During the first date itself, I only remember her banging on about commitment and me saying, somewhat truthfully, that no man in his right mind will consider commitment w/ a woman unless/until he knows about sexual compatibility. Not the best argument or best game but one I’ve made before and good enough for her to tumble into bed. She oozed sexual energy that conflicted with the words coming out of her mouth. Low 7, low effort, she seemed to be strongly conflicted, I slept with her like once a week for a while and brought her to one sex club, I think. I didn’t see pics of her kid until later on… she was smart about that. She said she needed commitment and I told her, pretty honestly, that I didn’t see her as a good long-term match. She was bitter about that and said all guys are full of shit, etc.

I said something whose underlying meaning was like, “Look at it from a guy’s perspective. When a guy sees your kid, what does that communicate to him about you?” Among other things it communicates 1. Dubious if not bad judgment. 2. Low conscientiousness. 3. Ignorance (failure to deploy standard-issue birth control). 4. Poor decision-making skills. I didn’t say so in those exact words, but it’s pretty obvious. She told me I’m a racist… maybe it’s true, I don’t know, for what it’s worth I’ve not wifed up any women, let alone one with another guy’s kid, and I can’t imagine calling a guy a racist is going to make him go, “Okay, you’re right, let’s get married, and I’ll adopt your son.” A guy who sees a woman make the choices she did, is going to respond appropriately. She should’ve been looking for older guys.

Somewhere in our brief fling she tried to explain why the baby daddy was a bad guy, etc. (then why were you with him…?) and, whatever her situation was, I said something non-judgmental like, “It doesn’t matter and you don’t need to explain to me.” Things she seemed to find heartening at the time… they were true, because how she came to her situation wasn’t important to me in evaluating her for sex, and her situation communicated more than enough of her character for me to bin her correctly. I wanted to f**k her and she was very sexual and good in bed. In retrospect I should’ve let her go find her provider guy, who wasn’t going to be me, but she also gave off “I’m looking for sex” vibes. Probably an excuse on my part. She would’ve found some other guy like me, who would lie by omission to her. But then it wouldn’t have been me.

Women who want to do better with men, have to understand men and what men want… men who want to do better with women, have to understand women and what women want. Without doing that, a guy is unlikely to go as far as he should.

Our culture is superficially permissive and accepting, but in reality, when confronted with individual self-interest, most people make the smart choice. That is why “Fat acceptance” will never happen in the places it matters. People who really buy into the bullshit will typically suffer when they hit the real world. There is a superficial level of argument and discourse, which dominates, and there is a real-world level of discourse.

It’s also important to remember that guys who are interested in red pill and pickup are disproportionately failures with women, or have been burned by being with the wrong woman. Guys who get the best women, who want families and have families, and who are with women who want the same… they are not spending time talking about red pill and seduction. They are out building themselves, their families, and civilization. The current marriage-divorce system discourages this kind of thing, but people still do it, just like there were players before reliable birth control and antibiotics to deal with most STIs.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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  1. No, this should be two posts. The first part, meh – some gossip. But the second part is gold. You should expand on it, maybe more examples, either from personal life or about other smart choices, both for men (aside from your gym+no sugar that you’ve written about before) and for women.


    1. Maybe I should, but I think I’ve hit the main points… and the obvious stuff to do is out there. Implementation is the hard part. I’ve now become the guy who some of my divorced friends come to for dating advice… and they don’t do any of it, because the way to real success is by doing the right things, every day, day after day, for a long period of time. A paunchy guy wearing a polo shirt in his 40s or 50s is not going to start hitting hot young chicks without paying.


  2. “It’s weird and incongruent to be interested in truthfulness and reality while at the same time admiring one of the greatest grifters in U.S. history.”
    Thank you for this. One of the things that drives me absolutely nuts about TRP is the insane and completely irrational devotion to conservatism and Trump in particular. You’re spot on: it’s 100% incongruent.
    TRP, boiled down to its essence, is about the rational application of power and action to improve a man’s life with specific regard to his sex life, understanding the world, not as we’re told or want it to be, but how it actually is in reality.
    I wrote a post on the reddit sub the other day I eventually just decided to take down about why guys shouldn’t be so freaked out about feminism and to focus on the signal vs. the noise–as in, how to discern if a woman actually is actually a crazy, man-hating feminist, or if she’s merely someone who nods to the notion but doesn’t actually care. TL;DR–most women, in my experience, don’t actually give a shit, and in fact want alpha Chads with a dominant frame because #evolution.
    The reaction I got was no upvotes and guys questioning whether or not I was a woman. I don’t really care–simply trying to contribute, but what I’ve found is that if you go against the orthodoxy in any way, dudes get super defensive.
    Indeed, what I find disturbing is the extent to which the community is centered on hating women. Go to the sub and look at the upvotes–posts that in some form or fashion say “women bad” are ceremoniously upvoted and commented on, even if it’s nonsensical or poorly written.
    What drew me to the community was the honesty of it, as well as very practical advice as to how guys can improve their sex lives. I have to admit, I used to be quite liberal; now I consider myself more apolitical, for the reasons Tom Torero regularly asserts on his podcast and blog–because there’s no point, and therefore spending much time on it is inherently irrational.
    Yet the red pill community is SO tremendously political. Irrationally so. And there’s also this subculture of TRP guys who seem obsessed with monogamy and marriage, which again, WTF? How can they on the one hand know–for a fact–that women aren’t built that way biologically AND without the social, religious, and economic pressures that used to exist that prevented women from leaving their husbands, marriage can’t work, or at least, not very well.
    Along with that, there’s this odd Christian subtext to so much of TRP, and it’s absolutely bizarre…
    Anyway, sorry for the rant, but it’s encouraging to know I’m not the only one who sees the odd incongruence that exists in the community.

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    1. I think there are a couple things going on…

      1. The crazy social justice warrior and angry feminist left is awful. So guys think, “What is the opposite of that? Let me go do that instead.” No one thinks about things for themselves. Most people select either|or, instead of looking for third ways, or simply saying, “Neither.”

      2. Most people want a “system” to follow. Religion used to provide this. Today, religion is mostly dead, and so guys find politics instead. Once a typical person buys into a political party or system, they stay with that system, even when it is bad, or has bad outcomes.

      3. Keep in mind that TRP and seduction probably selects for guys who have been unsuccessful with or hurt by women. Probably guys with bad childhoods too. Guys who are getting what they want from dating, women, etc. are probably not spending a lot of time debating pickup tactics online.

      4. It turns out that the core elements of game and pickup, while not exactly “easy,” can be mastered and, once mastered… there is not a gigantic amount to say. Thus lay reports becoming kind of repetitive: Once a guy is getting laid, what else can he talk about… how feminism sucks, or politics?

      5. Trump is doing serious, long-term damage to the American system itself and to the right/Republican party. This is not coming from a leftist or SJW, by the way. That nihilistic trolls might embrace him, makes sense. That anyone who is not a nihilistic troll might, makes no sense, but who said the world had to make sense?

      Not me.


  3. “A paunchy guy wearing a polo shirt in his 40s or 50s is not going to start hitting hot young chicks without paying.”

    Hey RQ, what *do* you wear to hit hot young chicks? I’m wondering whether bad boy wear or formal wear is more effective for the older player.


    1. Fashion is a whole post of its own. There is a guy named Tanner Guzy who might be okay on this. If any readers know other resources, please drop them here.

      I like dark jeans or gray slacks w/ t shirt (red or black) and dark gray blazer. Black shoes, preferably leather and/or boots. Put your energy into fit. Well-fitting is the most important part of fashion. Then shoes, then everything else. If you’re a high school or college student, this look may be too “adult” for you. I try to avoid dress shirts in most cases. Depending on my work schedule, that isn’t always feasible. I have a personal aversion to suits and ties, leading to some at work to call me “the hipster.” Tailoring is useful. A $10 – $20 tailoring job on a $20 item of clothing to make it fit is better than a $100 item of clothing that doesn’t fit properly.

      For brands, in shoes I think Allen Edmonds, Dalton, Common Projects, Hugo Boss, and Wolf & Shepherd are all fine. The specific shoe or boot is less important than it being a) comfortable/easy to walk in and b) being leather, preferably black in my case. IMO shoes are a place to spend more rather than less, as good ones will last many years and can be re-soled.

      For a long time I was anti-accessory but now I think a necklace and rings are an improvement and give chicks something to ask about. I like black leather cuffs; chicks who ask about them are usually into BDSM as well. Amazon has loads of cheap and okay jewelry. A search for “Masculine jewelry” will do you fine. I like black rings and they are like $8 on Amazon.

      This is turning into a post, so I will write it out in more detail.


  4. BD has a video of his “main”. The one he described as a “9 or 10”. Go have a look at her. Watch how he acts goofy around her. Watch how she doesn’t hide her contempt.

    I think we can close the book on this fraudster.

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