Types of girls and dangers of most seduction techniques

Redpill and seduction communities are focused on hot young party girls. And that’s fine! Great, even. I’ve spent loads of time chasing and attempting to f**k and sometimes even f**king these girls, so I’m well familiar with them and why redpill and seduction guys give the advice they (we) do. But the girls who have either quit that phase or who have never really been in it… they are not going to accept a lot of techniques you’ll hear the most about. You need to master the game to move beyond the game, if you want to find and get them… a theme I have been blathering on about lately. Those girls might be much more interested in your underlying value and your commitment willingness, rather than your party f**k-boy manslut ways.

Today’s discussion begins from me, noticing that “women are the ultimate red pillers. Men are just noticing what’s already there,” regarding some chick’s conversation with her hypergamous friend,

Then FortWorthPlay said, “NEVER feel bad for using Dread Game..they secretly love it and it makes their panties wet.” I’m not so sure…

Depends on the girl I think…. one who is psychologically healthy and really wants a relationship/family needs very little dread, and a very light touch. She’ll reject a guy who does dread game on her.

Most basic college/party girls, yeah, sure.

‘Types’ are important here.

Types” is a Nash point… one I have adopted… I have been “a certain type of player” and also Nash has written about “types” on this blog, “First off, you’re doing something SMART here by starting with some TYPES. It is a simple fact that we are not all the same, and by defining some types… we can introduce some tools and immediately know that they are not for everyone, but that doesn’t make them invalid. With that said… for me the ‘poly’ community is a fucking mess.”

Types. Environments. I have been most consumed by chasing hot chicks in the city. Big-city girls, and particularly young ones, are also more likely to be hunting fun sexual experiences from the ever-discussed “alpha males.” I have spent some time in smaller cities for work and they have a less feral sex culture. Women and men marry earlier. Children are more common. Divorce may be more common as wel but that is a separate point.

Obviously some chicks will shift, some chicks who think they want monogamy will feel stifled by it. They will be with a guy for four+ years, get bored, have an affair, divorce the previous guy, shack up with the new one for a while, maybe have another kid with him. This is NOT an attempt to argue that girls are binary good girls/bad girls and they are all one or the other.

Almost all guys writing about the game live in big hypergamous cities. Most guys doing serious game live in big cities cause that’s where the hot tail is. Most of the girls who respond to day or night or online game are interested in sexual novelty. I have seen tddaygame and others point out that the loyal chicks who are monogamous and want families are likely to brush off your approaches. They’re the ones who say, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend,” and then leave. Maybe they accept a few minutes of entertainment, then leave. You won’t notice them much. They’re the ones who, when you try to get them to cheat, they won’t.

Overall, learning game and practicing it is good and will work with more women than not. And hot predominantly monogamous girls don’t want pushovers and will test guys to see what they’re made of. Game skills are a big win for most guys. Most guys never have the skills to understand what can possibly be available to them. In addition to guys thinking they know about women I’ve written about, I’ve also had guys tell me flat out that my writing about the non-monogamy world is absurd and the situations I have written about are impossible. At the same time 4 – 6 guys who have kept in touch with me have exploring this world. A couple have dipped their toes and left. Two I know of seem to be pretty far in (with field reports coming). I don’t spend time on the “game doesn’t work” or “only uglies go to sex parties” crowds… build your value, practice the game, try it for yourself.

The danger of working on the game that is most likely to work on highly open, flighty, and available chicks is that a guy begins to think that he has met all chicks. Just like guys who buy the facade of closed, monogamous, family-oriented chicks think all chicks are like that. They aren’t… they may also present different sides of themselves to different people at different times. I have invited chicks to be sluts, so I get a lot of chicks who are, or who are willing to explore that role with me. Some explore it… figure it is not for them… and they leave. Sometimes I do not notice what I’m doing and let them go when I shouldn’t.

So, again,

“I’ve seen many players sabotage their relationships with great girls who captured their hearts because they feared losing control under the chaos of being in love. A man can be alpha but if he doesn’t cash it in for the ultimate prize he’s revealed the beta at his core.” -Roissy

I’m not arguing guys should fall in love, knock chicks up, lead a nice friendly family life, etc. But… I’m also not arguing that guys should not do this. Game is a tool. Evolutionary psych is a tool. How the player deploys the tool is up to him. A computer is a tool. It can be used to write long posts like this one. It can be used for programming Python. It can be used for data analysis. It can be used for playing games. It can be used to hit someone over the head. It can be scavenged for its raw materials. Game skills are important. Understanding what dread game is is important. Personally, if I were evaluating a girl for having kids and she responded really well to dread game, I would not see that as a good thing. A little bit of uncertainty that comes from light dread game is fine and normal. But if she responds to it in a big way… she reads as sexy party girl to me.

A fine thing to be no doubt. A thing I like and have very much liked. I am not against them. I like sexy party girls. I have pushed girls in the middle towards being wild irresponsible party girls (remember, plenty of girls will mold themselves as the man desires). But… they are not the only girls out there. If you treat all girls in a very game-y way, you will get girls who respond very well to game and discourage those who do not. This is not a statement against the game. It is a statement about the value of knowing your tools. Emotionally healthy girls can respond very well to the game, if you do it well… if your game is so tight that it appears like good social skills and socially congruent boldness. If your game appears robotic, inappropriate, overly rehearsed, etc., then its effectiveness will go down. A lot of the writing online seems to come from guys who are beginning their journey, who have low value, who have just discovered all that they have missed… that is fine, there is a place for beginners. I don’t see a lot of writing from guys at intermediate and beyond, so when I do, I’m eager to link them.

I’m also not an oracle… I say what I see… I have weaknesses… I’m happy replying to smart guys, smart people… we can disagree on stuff… I’m looking for people who go beyond the norm and help me think and make sense of the experience.

This topic must be on my mind, cause I added stories about two chicks I know/have known, “Anna” and “Katie,” neither of whom fit the Red Pill template. Personally I love hot promiscuous girls… but they’re not the only girls out there. A lot of guys mistake the girl they’re with, or the one or two girls they’ve been with, for all girls.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

5 thoughts on “Types of girls and dangers of most seduction techniques”

  1. “The danger of working on the game that is most likely to work on highly open, flighty, and available chicks is that a guy begins to think that he has met all chicks. ”

    Despite many years of following gaming blogs, forums, and usenet rooms, I still don’t really have much of a sense of what people mean when talking about “running game on a girl”.

    I understand increasing charisma, value, looks, charm, looks, and so forth.

    But “game”? I have no idea what people are trying to do or learn.

    There are principles of male/female dynamics. You can learn that.

    But scripts or routines rules for how conversations and touch should proceed; all too analytical left brained, and destined from the start to be failure; grabbing the wrong end of the stick.

    Exactly as you say; if you start with a pre-conception of how social interactions can succeed, you are starting with a filter.

    Real life requires much more immediate adaptability. And you can never pin down a system.

    And people that DO pin down a system, eventually complain that their own system becomes it’s own problem. It not only filters girls, but filters out their own emotional options.

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  2. In general, I agree that every girl is slightly different and guys should always calibrate how they interact with women based on how she responds. I also agree with xsplat that canned material and systems aren’t the end all be all when it comes to game. It’s also important to understand social dynamics as well–a lesson I learned the hard way (although she’s now entered my frame again, which is interesting to say the least).

    Where I disagree–and this is an example of how grown men who respect each other can do that (RQ is the guy who inspired me to write my blog and his advice has made me a better player for sure)–is that there’s a measure of uncertainty and dread every woman needs to experience in order to maintain interest in a man. Now, that might be extremely simple: the guy stays in good shape, dresses well, spends some time away from her with friends, and doesn’t reply right away to texts or phone calls, plus openly disagrees at times and breaks rapport.

    Some girls, however, will need to see more than that to stay interested in a guy, and this is where ghosting or going dark at times, flirting with other women when she’s around, becoming angry in a mature way without losing frame–the royal flush as Torero calls it–is necessary.

    How do you know? First, don’t be a social retard, although understand that you’re going to make mistakes along the way–I’ve made many. Learn from them. Second, a good rule of thumb is that the hotter and younger the girl, the more she’ll respond well to negging and flirting, and that this should also be in proportion to your value. The higher the SMV of the guy, the less he needs to do this as she’s just simply aware that he can fuck other girls based on that alone. Finally, boredom is death–a point RQ has made. If the relationship is boring, she’s going to look for an exit.


    And yes, it’s true that guys who run game probably won’t encounter a large number of K-selected girls, but it’s also true that most K-selected girls are going to be in relationships, don’t go out, etc.

    However, I question how many K-selected girls there really are anymore, period. Almost no aspect of modern society encourages girls to behave in this manner. If you’ve read Sex at Dawn or any other series of books on evolutionary biology as it relates to reproduction, women evolved to be both highly selective and yet, highly promiscuous: at the dawn of human civilization when any number of things could and did go wrong, women who were fertile needed to be pregnant as often as possible in order to have the best chance of passing on her genes. Fast forward to today and this means that when a woman can fuck a high quality guy, she probably will, especially if she’s in that window where she’s ovulating.

    How does she know you’re a high quality guy? Because good game means you’re behaving in a manner congruent with being a high quality guy. For example, does a high quality guy text a chick a ton? No, because he’s either got better things to do, or he’s got other chicks to manage, or both.

    Feels like I’m kinda saying the same thing, but maybe in a different way. Good conversation to have in any case.


    1. >> there’s a measure of uncertainty and dread every woman needs to experience in order to maintain interest in a man. Now, that might be extremely simple: the guy stays in good shape, dresses well, spends some time away from her with friends, and doesn’t reply right away to texts or phone calls, plus openly disagrees at times and breaks rapport.

      I get the impression online that a lot of guys think “more is better” and that is often untrue and can be counterproductive. You can likely tell that I have been thinking about “red pill correctives” or “red pill patterns” lately, and how those will affect what a guy thinks and sees. A guy’s choices, behaviors, and beliefs will often affect the girls he filters and the girls he gets, and those in turn reinforce his choices, behaviors, and beliefs.

      A guy who thinks all girls are totally hypergamous nymphos… and who tunes his game accordingly… may find that the women who respond to him fit into his belief schema.

      I have also been thinking about this because I have tended towards a certain type of high openness, high adventurousness girl… and in the process I have likely excluded some others. I’m fine with that set of circumstances but I also want to be aware of them.

      We have different boredom thresholds… but if a girl is reaching hers… or if you are reaching yours… it’s time for change. So many girls are bored and boring… they often need a guy to lead them away from too much tedium.


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