Short Dancer vignette

I was thinking about Short Dancer, a girl I saw on and off for like six or nine months, a few years back… on and off, because at the time I wanted her to come to the fleshpots with me and she would not, despite my persuasion work. I wish I’d been monogamous with her for a while, or “monogamous” in my case, as I think I liked f**king her better than just about any chick between now and then. If I had done that, though, this blog wouldn’t have the stories it does… even fewer people would read it than read it now. Despite the numbers and the experiences and the groups that I’ve done between her and today, I liked Short Dancer a lot, enough that I think I made the wrong decision with her, partially because I had a lot going on at the time, and, when I have a lot going on, it’s naturally harder to commit, even temporarily. Sometimes one great chick can be better than 10 okay or good ones… that’s why I think a lot of guys in the game quit it or take long breaks from it, when they find a girl they’re really into, who reciprocates the interest. When you have enough good, but not extraordinary, experiences with chicks, the best chicks become the reason you continue.

Short Dancer was young and in some ways has a conservative temperament… that may surprise you, since she was with me for a time… though in other ways, ways important to me, she does not, and the tension between those two was an interesting part of her personality. I kept trying to get her into a sex shop with me, for example, and she would not go… one time I picked her up in a fireman’s carry and made to bring her in, but her objections seemed to be genuine, so I put her down and we continued on our way. Apart from fleshpots, she accepted many of the things I wanted, and the sex with her was just about flawless… her beauty, her willingness, her submissiveness, her femininity… we had a great dynamic, better in some ways than w/ other chicks since then (which is why I feel like I made an error in letting her pass, to go chase other chicks who are often very good but not quite on the level of the thing we had).

Short Dancer came from an ecosystem, so there’s no game story around her, apart from me cultivating masculinity and making a move when the time was right. So few guys cultivate masculinity today. There’s also not a great story about why I like her more than other chicks… I just do. Good physical chemistry went a long way with her, plus, she also didn’t throw much in the way of shit tests and didn’t have the hot-young-chick disposition around relentlessly tooling guys, going to clubs/parties, etc. The chicks who like basic clubs, attention on social media, that kind of thing, I tend not to get along with them, even when I rope them in, and that could be part of the reason I found the Tinder experiment so awful.

Short Dancer is one of those girls who look even better nude than clothed… I wasn’t 100% sure what I was going to get when I undressed her the first time, but I got everything I might have wanted. She liked posing nude for me, and I like that… she showed some of the shots to a girl we mutually knew, and the other girl was like, “Wow.” Couldn’t believe it, even though the other girl is a too-heavy tramp, or maybe just an attention whore… hard to say. She was too basic for me. Short Dancer also really liked taking direction, even more than most chicks, which I also like.

No real lesson here, just some musing. When Short Dancer was in my life I felt pretty good. The age gap is too large for her to be a good long-term prospect. She is one of the very few girls I find occupying my head space… I jerk my attention away from her, but if I’m not careful it drifts back to her, in a way that it doesn’t drift back to most other chicks. At the time I don’t think I appreciated her, and I was still excited to go chase new chicks… something that I find myself less excited by right now.

In private someone asked if I’ve tried to get her back in… and I have! Unsuccessfully. She also had, maybe has, an official boyfriend, and both of us have complicated schedules, plus, now there is a distance challenge. We all make mistakes, and letting her go was  one of mine… not one that I really consciously made at the time… I let her drift, and she sensed that I wasn’t going to do the monogamy she wanted. Red Pill doctrine incorrectly holds that chicks who you are “aloof” from are going to pine for you and keep coming after you forever… that is true of some chicks, but more functional, intelligent, and self-aware chicks who want a boyfriend/partner and do not get it from you, are going to cut you out and get it from someone else. They may boomerang back periodically based on what they’re finding, and based on guys who won’t make them their girlfriends, but when they find an acceptable guy who will commit, they will depart, and they may simply never talk to you again.

I miss Short Dancer… not something you hear on a lot of player blogs. Do most guys not miss particular chicks, or are they not willing to admit it? Genuinely don’t know the answer here. The best psychology is always oriented towards the future, so maybe guys wisely don’t dwell on the past. Yet many players online seem intent on maintaining a hard-ass facade.

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25 thoughts on “Short Dancer vignette”

  1. “Sometimes one great chick can be better than 10 okay or good ones…”

    I totally agree with this. Frankly these are the ones that make the game most satisfying.

    “There’s also not a great story about why I like her more than other chicks… I just do”

    I find this a lot too. I can never say why one girl is a “favorite” while other, hotter girls are not. It’s not about looks, it’s just a whole package thing (including scent which I think is very important)

    Of the girls I’m not currently seeing regularly, there’s 2 that I would say I still miss from the past 3 years of heavy gaming (out of over 70 in that time frame). It’s one of those downsides of the game that helps you appreciate those times when you’ve found what you want and have it in your life.


    1. >> It’s one of those downsides of the game that helps you appreciate those times when you’ve found what you want and have it in your life.

      I didn’t 100% appreciate Short Dancer until she was gone. I wanted to do things “my way” w/ the non-mono, but I was too deaf to hear that I would have been better off w/ her than w/ chasing a lot of strange.

      I have been thinking about that dynamic regarding family etc., as I don’t think I want to wake up 5 – 10 years from now and still be doing or attempting to do what I’ve been doing in the last 10 yrs. Personal preference here, etc.

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  2. I went on a Game experiment last October and have slept with twelve girls since then … but keep coming back to the same girl I was with last year: Bumblebee. (I even had to break it off with her so I could become a Player.)

    She doesn’t fit any of the indicators of Younger, Hotter, Tighter (she is 43) so in Game terms “does not count”.

    One guy even said I was suffering from oneitis and that I should just “get over her”.

    But what self-confessed Player is going to honestly say that he fell hard for one particularly chick? Isn’t he breaking all the Game/Red Pill “rules”?

    The combination of sexual chemistry, affection and connection is just diabolical for the Player. My coach Kondo talked about a girl he was seeing in his Player Years (including a phenomenal 108 notches in a year). She was a 6 (his words) yet between them they had a chemistry which was better than all the other women he had had in his life. Some chicks just do this to you.

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    1. It’s interesting to me that almost no one in the game world is talking about this. Usually it’s written off as “one-itis,” which to be sure it is a lot of the time. A lot of the time, but not all the time.

      I wonder how much guys are writing online to learn, and how much we’re writing to brag to each other.

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      1. The best Player commentary I have seen is when the guy lets down his guard, puts the cock-measuring/notch count contest to the side, and talks freely about all of his experiences.

        Kondo’s mates would laugh at him when he showed them the photo of this girl. He took it in his stride and kept fucking her. It’s a hard case to argue of oneitis if you’re banging lots of other girls. What I suggest happened is that she provoked in him an extreme hormonal and emotional response which was not matched by any other girl.


      2. >.The best Player commentary I have seen is when the guy lets down his guard, puts the cock-measuring/notch count contest to the side, and talks freely about all of his experiences.

        This is what I like as well, but I don’t read a lot of it. I also think most of the guys writing/posting aren’t getting laid very much and just want a simple, nice girlfriend,, and when they get it… they stop.

        If you’re truly into a girl then in some ways her objective rating is not that vital… although SD is a high-7 / low-8, close to a true 8 considered nude in my view. That helps.

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      3. RQ: Game is more niche than what the average guy can handle.

        I mean, if 28% of guys are not getting laid, then the rest are most likely surviving on a diet of one or two women max per year.

        I imagine a small subset of men are experiencing multiple women – 10-20% max. And the challenge is very few are writing about it as they are enjoying themselves.

        The guys that are writing about it are either monetizing it, have come from a Beta base, or genuinely love the topic and are not scared to share their knowledge.


      4. That’s probably true… I come from a somewhat beta base (a long time ago, like high school / college, and nothing like some of the stories from guys online) and am interested in the topic and am not scared to share the knowledge / encouragement.

        After reading around the web for a couple years I’m even less “scared” of sharing the knowledge… the knowledge has been out there for decades and almost no one is implementing it. It’s too hard for most guys, or most guys aren’t interested, and that’s where the 28% not getting laid at all comes from. The basic skills to not fuck it up are pretty available… and looking around in real life, it looks like less than 50% of the male population has them.


  3. Did she cook any meal for you? For me, cooking is one (of few) thing that can really separate a girl from other ‘game-material’ . No other thing a girl does can makes me feel that way, other than cook a warm, good meal on my cold, late night. By cooking I mean genuinely preparing plant-to-plate with quite effort, not pouring hot water on premade meals.

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    1. Yes and agreed. Fewer than I made her, but she had some cooking skills. In her defense as well, she was living in a situation that was not as conducive to cooking as normal living situations.


  4. I think I found an example in my seductress girl, who texted me that she was talking to someone about monogamy… I didn’t want to be “in the way”, because I quite liked the girl, and she told me I wasn’t. And then I went silent, hoping to have the benefit of her boomeranging from the guy when he didn’t make the cut, by not being needy, especially given her high-libido nature… but I wasn’t being honest with myself. A month after our previous last text, I confirmed with her that she was in a relationship and revealed I liked her a lot—which she said she wished I’d said back then.

    Live and learn… there will be other girls out there that come close to this girl, but she sets a benchmark for how much I should like a girl before considering commitment for a time, and very pleasant erotic memories to bolster my confidence in finding something similar in the future.

    I was honestly initially surprised to see this kind of sentiment on the RQ blog, but we are all human… it makes sense we all live and learn as humans do.


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