Where do your ideas come from? Doing things, going places

A guy emails to ask, how do I write so much? Where do I get ideas? Three tiers, in descending order of importance…

* Experiences. What have I done, how did I do it, what did I learn from it. These can be negative ones, too… how did I fail, why did I fail, what did I learn from it. The best, most intersting guys are reporters. They go out, see/do things, report back on what they find. Scientists do the same, in a way… they try something, see if it works, if it works, great, if it doesn’t, why not? What can we learn about the natural world from the thing working, or not working?

Experiences generate stories, and many guys have trouble on dates or with general socializing because they don’t do much: they watch TV, play video games, scroll social media.  When someone asks, “What have you been up to?” the honest answer is “nothing much.” A better answer is “climbing a mountain” “experimenting with MDMA” “learning how to grow herb using LED lights, come over for dinner some time” “went to a concert with this chick.” A lot of guys struggle with talking to chicks because the guy has nothing interesting to say, because he doesn’t do much, or he hasn’t learn to say it in an interesting way.

* Conversations. Post enough about experiences and you might catch the attention of other interesting people. A chunk of the sex club book came from Nash questions or observations. He wanted to know about jealousy, so a comment turned into a post. XBTUSD has written a group of posts, after he left some intersting comments, and I encouraged him to start a blog of his own… instead he wrote a group of posts about his experiences. He’s asked some questions or made some observations that led me to posts. If you’re having conversations in direct messages, emails, or chat apps, keep an ear open for ideas. Breeze has also precipitated some ideas, especially around drug use (not a specialty of mine but having experimented I understand better why normal guys who get laid partake). 

Another guy’s post or field report is a form of conversation. Write your player blog. Start with whatever you have experienced and are experiencing. Doesn’t matter if it’s all failure. If you fail, what are you going to do to improve? Why?

* Books. You’re hardly the first guy to go out and try to get laid, or make sense of society (the two are pretty closely related… sex and technology are the great social drivers). Read books, think about them, talk about them, relate them to your life and other observations. Attention is the only tool men have, probably one of my best and most fundamental, sprang from reading David Barash, Out of Eden: The Surprising Consequences of Polygamy. The author Barash shows that in the United States men used to be able to murder their wives’s lovers, and women used to be deeply harmed by divorce. Today women are rewarded for divorce, infidelity is common, and what tool do men have left for badly behaved women? Attention, that’s it. The only one left. Not a very effective tool, is it? And that is why smart guys aren’t eager to marry and smart guys adjust to this new reality, while most guys are busy being simps on social media. We live in a society that doesn’t prioritize marriage or monogamy, sooooooo… now what? The Red Quest answers the “now what?” question in many places.

Video media lacks books’s depth and sophistication. Video media in fictional form is designed overwhelmingly to be entertaining, not accurate. Video media in nonfiction form is insufficiently informative, usually. There are exceptions… like, if you want to learn how to make a girl squirt, a video might be super helpful for that, more than a prose description. Certain kinds of “how to” videos are very useful, but anything that is slightly abstract, text is far superior. 100x superior.

The best form of game writing is experience, and it’s also probably the rarest, cause being a keyboard jockey is easier than hitting on girls, getting laid, etc. Read the good stuff, connect with interesting guys, and you’ll learn things. I’m also not a guru and don’t tell people what to do. I’ve learned lots from other guys… one guy sent me his customer relationship manager (CRM) spreadsheet for girls, for example. He tracks when he opened the girl, when he last pinged her, etc., so girls don’t fall through the cracks… f**king brilliant. It’s something I’ve thought about doing but never done. That idea comes to mind, there are many others. Red Pill Dad posted his risotto date recipe, and the rationale for using it… convincing… I’ve just made dinner for chicks, but he’s smartly found a task for them to do, so they feel like they’ve contributed and have some skin in the game.

People, men and women, prefer something they’ve earned.  We can learn from each other… the “recovery text” idea is another, if a chick doesn’t reply to your first ping. Social learning is the game and a guy who is motivated, not an idiot, and has underlying value can rapidly accelerate his learning, if he chooses to. A guy who can get girls and who implements the sex club may unlock incredible abundance with far less effort than the pure cold approach guys. Red Pill Dad is working on a book about the fundamentals of game and seduction, and, if, finished, I bet it’ll be good. Start your own game blog and see who appears. Reddit has only ever been really useful for newbies and the fact that almost no field reports appear on it tells us about its reader base. Somehow three years ago I said I’d not have any more field reports and that’s turned out to be inaccurate. Reading back on that I can see a few inaccuracies that were based on my immediate situation at the time, and also I didn’t realize who I was about to meet.

I’ve learned much from guys writing pickup blogs… I’ve been reading them far longer than I’ve been writing this one… one motivation is to give back, and to share a little bit of what I’ve learned, that I’ve not seen other guys cover. Every guy’s experience is unique, but patterns underlie all of us. I’m passing on what I’ve learned… the audience is small… but there are many entrances to the game. Red Quest is one.

Why did I keep writing field reports after saying in 2017 I was pretty done? I did things, I saw things, I reported back. I said what I saw. Action is man frame, clacking is female frame. The best guys are reporting. Do things and you will have material. Don’t have material? Do more things.

Author: The Red Quest

How can we live and be in society?

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