Integrating smart drugs, like MDMA (molly), smartly

The average guy who regularly uses drugs like MDMA (molly), coke, etc., may seem from the outside like an idiot and may even be one, but the guys who use MDMA to lead better lives don’t look or act like the average drug idiot. You probably won’t know who they are, unless they tell you, or unless you see them at a venue on a night that’s conducive to the rolling experience. Without having had that experience, it’s impossible to describe how beautiful and life-affirming it can be: and, for those reasons, it can also be a powerful tool in terms of bonding with chicks, and elevating their lives. Loads of girls love different experiences (their typical life is dreary, except when men who up to create some excitement) and it’s possible to intelligently experiment with altered states of mind and body. That almost no guys writing about the game mention this (kind of obvious) point tells us about guys writing about the game… the main exception I can think of is Delicious Tacos, who’s not writing about the game, exactly, but sometimes tweets that the most effective pickup line in the world is, “Hey, want to do some coke?” I’m not saying that should be your line… but he has a point. Loads of guys disparage nightclubs, none of them ever say, “coke is a key part of doing that game successfully.” Personally I don’t want to do coke, but its effectiveness in certain environments remains.

MDMA is better, though, as mentioned above, impossible to describe without having taken it, but it will lower inhibitions, increase tactile sensations, create greater social cohesion, and have some other positive effects, like making people who take it more open and outgoing. A lot of ppl don’t like clubs/raves, then they take MDMA, then they’re suddenly great! If clubs/raves look stupid to you, that’s because you’ve never experienced them on drugs, which is the only way they make sense. Booming nightclubs are horrible environments, unless you’re drunk or on drugs. MDMA is a much better experience than alcohol.

Girls go out and have a couple of drinks on dates because the girls are nervous and they also want to get laid, without their nervous forebrain getting in the way of their p**sies.

Girls want to unabashedly and uninhibitedly love sex, but they often let their social and psychological programming and conditioning get in their way. The application of a bit of alcohol, or MDMA, can get her over the inhibition hump and into a total sex state, something that is obvious to most guys who have been around. Experienced girls will often be able to get there on their own, but even they can remain pretty inhibited until they try a little something that gets them where they want to go. Lots of girls mess things up for themselves and they know a little something will help them relax and get into the now. What can do that thing? Alcohol can, like MDMA, or coke. If it’s her first time with something like MDMA, she’ll be apprehensive, but it is an amazing experience: it opens you open to sensation and feeling and induces a kind of euphoria, if it’s paired with another person. Sense of touch becomes heightened.

There are limits to drugs, and don’t take opioids of any sort, ever, except under a doctor’s close supervision for medical reasons. That means heroin but also oxycontin, oxycodone, percocet, and many others (anyone who offers those is not your friend and needs help, but you should also maintain some distance from them). These are hugely addictive and will destroy you. Don’t hang out with people who do opioids of any kind, for any non-prescribed reason. These drugs are genuinely dangerous. In the United States we have a problem in that “drugs” are widely demonized, which makes no sense, because different drugs do wildly different things and have wildly different danger/risk profiles. Like this, a description of MDMA “therapy,” showing how this “party drug” can be deployed for other purposes. Many people find MDMA experiences with friends and lovers to be among the highlights of their life.

The best time for a girl is often that mix of fear and pleasure… a bit of fear/uncertainty/doubt is good (why riding motorcycles is so much fun for her… it’s safe enough while still feeling edgy). Drugs like mdma can do that as well, if you can show the skittish girls the research and demonstrate the substance’s purity, and explain your own experiences with it. Some party girls are pre-sold, but the girls who have never done it will need some time to integrate them into her worldview. Drugs are often like threesomes: girls are curious, but lack the organization, fortitude, and wherewithal to make them happen.

A lot of hot young girls are weird, awkward, and antisocial… a problem arguably becoming worse in the smartphone generation… until they get a little mdma/coke/booze in them, at which point they become more social, and they’re ready to shift from coke to cock. For hot girls, being weird, awkward, and antisocial when sober isn’t a problem, because plenty of guys will approach and escalate them. Such is the power of female privilege, which almost no one talks about.

Psychedelics like LSD and psilocybin aren’t sex drugs in the immediate sense. They’re drugs for opening the mind to different conscious states, and they’re better for girls you’ve already been sleepin with for a while. If the girl has already done them, compare experiences, and also congratulations because she’s telling you she’s a sexually adventurous slut. If she’s not, you can make fun of her being a scared square. In the game terms, girls who have never tried any of these drugs can be made fun of for being square and boring, and never exploring the contents of their own consciousness. It’s a light tease. Ones who have, are identifying themselves as sluts. The corollary is that guys who haven’t experimented have nothing to say–which puts it’s in a the “square” box. Part of the game is riding that edge between where the guy is not so square as to be boring but not so exciting as to be alienating. Where that line is, will exist in different spaces for different girls. I’m also finding girls who are against drugs don’t hold it against you if you frame it properly, and if you otherwise seem like a guy with a functional, good life. The kind of guy who has shit together, but who is also interested in some mind-expanding experiences, is pretty rare. Most people who have done or are interested in drugs are also druggie losers.

Because they’re druggie losers or idiots, it may seem that only girls who are amenable to that kind of thing will be into them. Or they are the stupid hippies in college. Those people can find each other and hook up and so on… but I’m not them and don’t want to mold myself to be them, personally. But the higher-caliber girls who are interested in amazing experiences won’t be obvious.

Today almost anyone can order drugs on the dark web, and test kits on the standard web from Dance Safe. Search for guidelines because they’re out there. If you are willing to read this blog you should be willing to figure some things out for yourself.

The aftermath of an MDMA roll is also important, because some drugs will leave people feeling wrung out and depressed. Whether your girl is one of them depends on you. Some girls are better off being alone and some need to snuggled and told that it’s all right. There’s no algorithm for this situation so you’ll have to feel out on your own which is best for a particular girl. Generally I prefer to separate or at least be in separate rooms during the recovery/hangover phase, if there is one.

Judicious (key word) use / offering of drugs is also almost never discussed among game guys, from what I can tell, and I’m interested in the omissions within the community. This is one. I’m not pro-drug, exactly, but look again at the description of MDMA “therapy.” It’s a better testimonial than any I give. I’ve never read a “field report” that consists of a guy talking about an MDMA-fueled music festival, or club night, or anything like that, which tells me that, again, there are missing pieces in the discourse. What are we here on this planet to do? One answer is, “have top experiences,” and for many people, this is a top experience. If a man can facilitate top experiences for a woman, that woman will bond to him. Most guys can’t, most women can’t really make anything happen, and the intersection of those two things is the dating market.

Because this is the Internet and many people cannot think or read (“re//tards”), I will make explicit what should be obvious: drugs can be abused, MDMA alone is not going to make you into a better man or player, MDMA alone is not going to make the girl like you. If you have an addictive personality this is not the way for you. Using MDMA responsibility requires time between roles, use of supplements, testing the product procedures, and probably some other things I’m forgetting right now. Those limits separate the addicts from the people for whom MDMA is an enhancement and beautiful experience. If you are not capable of understanding this, or exhibiting self-control, then you may have negative experiences.

Back to the fun part, Here’s one chick’s story about her first time rolling, and the sex it entailed. Guys often can’t get hard on MDMA and girls often can’t come, but the feeling and experience itself is so amazing that neither cares. Sometimes girls can come, and when they can, their experiences often match this chick’s. If you’re aware of other, similar accounts, or want to write your own, please leave them in the comments.

Author: The Red Quest

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15 thoughts on “Integrating smart drugs, like MDMA (molly), smartly”

  1. Polite reminder from someone who remembers the late 90s:

    Drink water, but not too much water.
    Test, but if you cant, know your seller!
    Take a vitamin before you leave the house. You might piss most of it away but you might need it.

    Psychedelics and some designers are a great thing. The research is in its infancy. (Outside of PIKAL/TIKAL)


  2. So I’m a 24 year old living in the heart of Miami where drug fueled raves & edm festivals are abound. From what I can infer from my limited insight into the MDMA/coke community, this part of game is omitted because there isn’t an intersection amongst drug friendly guys & guys spending time in the manos-sphere.
    Most guys offering that experience to women are of the hippie persuasion and that hippie persuasion is what has gotten them laid. Most guys who find the manos-sphere seem to be losers who are asking what they’re doing wrong with women. The few guys who are put together & offer the drug experience naturally grew into that position, it’s not something they went on the internet to research. The Mano sphere/redpill tends to push guys towards self improvement, Most self improvement tends to push people away from drugs. The current ideal that the manosphere expresses does not include competency with drug experiences.


    1. Yeah, your comment is pretty consistent with my read.

      >>this part of game is omitted because there isn’t an intersection amongst drug friendly guys & guys spending time in the manos-sphere.

      I’m guessing the guys with game at drugs and festivals don’t theorize what they’re doing much, especially online. They know they have an algorithm, “Go to rave or festival, bring drugs, meet girls who are probably on MDMA or coke already, invite them back, fuck.” And it works. Probably those guys do some lifting and have decent fashion too. They don’t spend a lot of time thinking about why what they do, works, to the extent it does. I know a guy who was a server/bartender in his 20s and his algorithm was, “go out with the other servers and/or customers, get drinks after work, invite one of them home, fuck.” And it worked all right. Most guys getting laid probably have an ecosystem,

      >>Most self improvement tends to push people away from drugs. The current ideal that the manosphere expresses does not include competency with drug experiences.

      I’ve been surprised that MDMA and classical psychedelics, like LSD or mushrooms, are highly compatible with self-improvement and self-development, if they are used deliberately and judiciously in the right environment and the right way. Many more high status, with-it people than I understood use them in this way, but they don’t announce it, unless I do first. It’s kind of like sex clubs and non-monogamy in that way… the nurse or mom or HR administrator who goes to some sex clubs on the weekend isn’t going to talk about that part of her life, or his life, unless you see that person out, and show yourself to be part of that secret society…


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